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About Our Company

Maxie Security Services (Kenya) Limited is a sister company to Max and Maxie Services (UK) Ltd which was founded by a team of very experienced Security professionals. The directors have many years experience overseeing and managing big and small construction sites by providing security requirements and Services.


Our vision is total commitment to providing quality and honest services to our clients. We will always strive to meet and exceed our clients expectations. To achieve these ambitions, we at Maxie Security Services Kenya Limited will work together with our clients and staff to ensure that our clients needs are both understood and met. Our clients must at all times feel secure in the knowledge that what they expect will be met and even exceeded.


Max Security Services UK Limited CEO who is also the CEO of Maxie Security Services Kenya Ltd and his Directors, have been in the Security industry since 2000. They have provisioned security services to a variety of high profile companies and individuals, that include major banks, other financial institutions and government offices (including the Cabinet Office) among others. The experience, excellent working relationships and track record they have gives them an insight into what companies and individuals expect in modern security services to meet modern challenges.


Stopping security incidents before they occur is always our number one priority. We strive to create excellent working relationship and establish good contacts with local Police Departments. This gives us an edge when it comes to alerting them in case of emergencies or a major security breach. From experience, this helps us get prompt response which is usually within minutes.


The key to our success is undoubtedly our staff. For a start, we make sure we recruit staff who are well trained, professional, and have an outstanding record. We go to great lengths to verify the information provided to us by potential recruits is honest and accurate. We meet and exceed British Standard 7858 when it comes to vetting our staff members. We also routinely appraise and re-train our staff to ensure they continue to meet our high standards when it comes to the commitment we make to our clients. We also demand our staff give the utmost respect to our client and their property; and to also fully compile with the Data Protection Act 1998.


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